It is an undisputed
fact that people get ripped during the process of appraising diamond rings.
There is no need to worry because this article will explain all you need to
understand about diamond ring appraisal.

What is an appraisal?  

Appraisal simply means
assessing the value of diamond rings. The paper that will be given to you after
appraisal will highlight the value of your ring, the settings, and stones.

After receiving the
appraisal, it always seems like you have snagged a great deal but the jeweler
and the insurance company will also benefit from the elevated price. This is
because the appraisal of a loose diamond or engagement ring does not give the
exact value of the precious piece.  

What is the difference between an
appraisal and a certificate?

The certificate is the
grading that comes with your ring. It does not provide a monetary estimate
while the appraisal does.

Appraisers usually
don’t have access to the grading entities and they usually operate
independently or in affiliation with a jeweler company.

Where to get an appraisal

You are only a click
away from getting an appraisal. Nearly all jewelers offer the service but it is
advisable you watch out for some things when you are choosing an individual

What to know about an independent

·         Ensure
the independent appraiser have an educational background
in gemology and is credentialed.

·         Independent
appraisers may be harsh with appraising your engagement ring and may want to
tempt you to buy from them.

·         While
agreeing the appraisal, state clearly that the loose diamond has been purchased
and you can’t return it.

·         Ensure
the appraisal is conducted right in front of you to verify they haven’t
switched your diamond for another.

Why should I get an appraisal?

There are two major
reasons why getting an appraisal is important;

·         To insure your
ring for full replacement value

·         Peace
of mind since you know your ring value

When should I get an appraisal?

Get an appraisal
immediately you get your ring at hand. The earlier you appraise your ring, the
better. This is because the earlier the appraisal, the earlier you get your
ring insured.

In conclusion, it is
important to know that appraisal is not free (it cost a fee) unless if the
engagement ring or loose diamond comes with an appraisal.

A diamond jewelry
appraisal is as important as buying the diamond jewelry, so don’t hesitate to
appraise your diamond jewelry. 

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